Accessible, affordable quality

Linen Room’s name has been synonymous with quality, value and affordably beautiful textiles since we
started sourcing 
and selling a huge range of linens from our Melbourne store in 2006.


   And with the launch of Linen Room’s online store, our own special brand of affordable luxury is even more accessible,
   meaning you can browse, lust after and buy the most beautiful linens and textiles at any time of the day (or night!).


   We’ve made a name for ourselves as the destination for a great range of value soft furnishings, selling high quality
   contemporary linens by brands like Linen House, Ardour and Logan & Mason as well as our own range under the
   flourishing In 2 Linen label. And all at lower than retail prices.


   At Linen Room, we think good quality and great value can coexist. We want to make fantastic design as accessible as
   possible, and by cutting out the middleman and using our vast knowledge of design and interiors, we make sure our
   prices are as low as possible.


   We’re a team that is passionate about the four elements of great home furnishings: quality, functionality, detail and
   design. We love beautiful interiors but think that affordability is equally important; selling pieces that will brighten up
   your life and home!